Tracking opt out

This page is for you to globally opt out of tracking from any site that has our code installed.

The opt out works by setting a cookie on our tracking domain, so third party cookies must be enabled in your web browser for this feature to work. Note that cookies are browser and device specific so you'll want to use this page for every browser on every device you use. The cookie is valid for 1 year.

By default, all sites in our system respect this setting. Some sites use our service for security purposes however, e.g. to prevent fraud and abuse. For this small subset (less than 1%) of web sites using our service, you will still be tracked even when you have opted out.

Current status:

This message should be replaced once our tracking servers are contacted in the background to check the cookie status. If this message does not disappear then our tracking domains are being blocked by your browser, which means you are probably already running a plugin to block tracking - if so, you don't need to use this page.